The news outlets in the networked information economy has grown exponentially. There are television channels dedicated to 24/7 news, but studies conducted by the Pew Research Center have shown that 93 percent of adults in the United States receive some of their news online. This means the media channels to access newsy information are also adapting to online formats.

An individual can access news through Twitter, Facebook, the publisher’s website, the ten o’clock broadcast, and the classical newspaper. In our busy world and with the advancement of technology, it’s difficult to grasp the focused attention of a human being. Many mediums respond with flashy news titles and videos, but we are taking a different approach. To provide society with what they want…the truth.

Regardless of perceived biases and the stories being featured, our society has proven its need for truth. We want to provide this to our audience: the essence of truth in everyday news, at least everyday news surrounding the campus of North Dakota State University. The students of NDSU deserve an outside perspective on campus news and other various important topics. A perspective that doesn’t just try to obtain the greatest number of views, but a vantage point that fulfills its purpose in providing true reality.

We intend to provide a variety of stories to the community: from personal autobiographies, to news stories surrounding the atmosphere of NDSU, along with providing resources from outside sources that align with our beliefs and values.