– Rachel Borgert

The New Life Center is a place where people who are homeless and hurting go from merely surviving to truly thriving. The New Life Center is a nonprofit, Christian organization that serves men experiencing homelessness, helping them to go from being homeless to getting a job and having their own place. For employees, the New Life Center offers competitive salaries, benefits, and the reward of knowing you are making a real difference in the lives of people right here in our community.

I have served at the New Life Center 4 times and each time has been a new experience. The first time I went with a group of close friends, and I was super hyper, happy, and excited. The whole experience was amazing. The people there were so nice and the stories they told were great. Plus, the advice they gave was from the heart; I have learned through time that everyone has something to teach, you just need to take the time to listen. That day, I left the New Life Center feeling great, not just for doing something good by serving those in our community, but because the people there were so welcoming and truly grateful to have us. It was such an amazing experience that I went again and brought new people to serve with me. The New Life Community welcomed us back and the experience was unlike the last time: it was even better, with more memories to cherish. During my most recent time serving at the New Life Center, I had the pleasure to serve alongside Moorhead Catholic Campus Ministry (MCCM) students. The experience was unforgettable! I loved being with both the New Life Center community and fellow Catholics. God is so good! The company and conversations were a true blessing. I will cherish the memories, share the stories, and encourage others to join me. When life is tough there is always hope. Join me in serving at the New Life Center where adventure awaits you and the blessings you receive will be greatly abundant.


Rachel Borgert is a 3rd year student studying landscape architecture at North Dakota State University. 

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