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With the holidays fast approaching, parties are becoming exceedingly inevitable for most people whether it be a Halloween Bash with a bunch of friends or a nice Thanksgiving meal with the parents, and where there’s a party, there’s a chance of alcohol presence.  With that being said, there’s also a chance of getting drunk.

Drinking can have many adverse effects on a person’s body.  Depending on the amount consumed, it destroys a person’s inhibition to make decisions, which often has poor outcomes, one of the worst being the decision to get into a car after having consumed a lot of alcohol.  In 2016, just two short years ago, more than 10,000 people lost their lives due to drunk driving.

Now, this is not to say that people shouldn’t drink at all, and that alcohol should be banned; it’s to make people aware of the consequences that getting drunk could have if not handled properly.  Written below are a few tips on how to drink safely in a way that will minimize those consequences.

The faculty here at NDSU have provided students with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator that calculates how much alcohol each individual would be able to safely consume.  Using this calculator will help people become aware of how much they can drink without becoming drunk; therefore, giving them the opportunity to plan ahead.

It also helps to spread drinks out to allow them to work through the body before adding more.  One might also consider avoiding drinks with higher alcohol content that could make them get drunk faster.

Eating plenty of food is a great plan as well, making sure not to drink on an empty stomach.  It is also important to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Another great tip is to appoint a designated driver when going to parties where alcohol might be present.  However, just because there is a designated driver, it doesn’t give the rest of the group a free pass to get drunk.  Getting drunk should never be the main reason to go to a party.  Having a designated driver doesn’t change how the alcohol affects a person’s body.  Over-consumption is still harmful and should still be taken into consideration.

And remember, the legal drinking age is twenty-one.  It’s the law.  Anyone under the legal age should not be drinking at all.  It is the responsibility of those under the legal age to respect the law and avoid parties serving alcohol.  If that happens to be unavoidable such as Thanksgiving dinner at home, it’s their responsibility to refuse any drinks being offered to them.  However, the responsibility isn’t just theirs.  It is also a responsibility for those who are over the legal age to not serve alcohol to minors; therefore, neither allowing nor encouraging them to drink before they are old enough.

With Halloween arriving to kick off the holiday season, remember to be smart and stay safe!

– Amy Speiser


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