Overall wellness depends on the proper balance between the various dimensions of wellness, such as physical wellness, intellectual wellness, spiritual wellness, etc. The transition to college can be challenging for a lot of young people. There’s a new level of independence that most people have not experienced until they move into their dorm room. While this is an exciting time, the multitude of choices about what to do with one’s time can sometimes lead to an imbalance between the dimensions of wellness. When I first came to NDSU, I was dead set on finishing school in 3 years.

However, I didn’t put enough time into other areas of life to be a good, well-rounded individual. Luckily, NDSU offers a plethora of opportunities to get involved. The Wellness Center has a lot of fun activities available for students to stay active and hone their physical wellness. I especially enjoyed trying out the different routes on the rock climbing wall while I was a student. Getting involved in the research labs on campus was huge for my growth academically. I was able to get hands-on experience of the learning process and meet a ton of awesome people. Lastly, it is important not to overlook spiritual wellness.

For me, having St. Paul’s Newman Center so close to campus was invaluable as I was able to drop by for adoration whenever I had free time in between my classes. The Newman Center also had many social activities and bible studies where I was able to meet and make great friends.

I’m thankful for NDSU because I not only learned the value of having a well-balanced life, but NDSU also provided me with the tools and opportunities to do so. Emphasizing the various aspects of wellness made my time at NDSU enjoyable and is a skill that I can apply in any life situation in my future.

-Keaton Rummel


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