Preparing for the Birth of Christ

Advent is finally here, and we begin our yearly task of reflecting on the past year andmore importantly preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ on Christmas. For most of us, thiswill probably begin with a sense of sadness as we reflect on everything resulting from thecoronavirus including the shutdowns, the mandates, and finally on … Continue reading Preparing for the Birth of Christ


With looming political unrest, the election, and undoubtedly the largest organized worldwide shut down, justified or not, many whose spirits who might have been otherwise high, have found unrest and despair in a world unrecognizable from months previous... How do we combat unwanted bias in our lives, and replace it with a Catholic perspective? How does one reconcile a love of country when the country is in such a dismal state?

Jesus, School, and Family amidst this global pandemic

By Faith Hapka - President of CHEA Club School is back in session, covid cases are increasing, and autumn is just around the corner. Ithas been about six months since going to class in a physical classroom was allowed. Even now,some professors are choosing to remain online-only for various reasons as their family isimmunocompromised in … Continue reading Jesus, School, and Family amidst this global pandemic